TACTIC provides site security assessments at your location.  We will guide you to strengthen your security posture, and you will receive a list of tools that make your site a hard target.  Cost is $150 per hour travel plus travel.
TACTIC is a licensed armed security company.  We offer low profile and uniformed armed security based on our client’s needs.  Our protection agents have real world experience and can perform the following services.

  • Armed Transportation
  • Executive Protection
  • Professional Athletes / VIP Security
  • Risk Assesment and Consulting
  • Estate and Personal Protection Services
  • Surveillance Detection and Planning
  • Hostile Employee Terminations
  • High Threat Situations
  • Special Events
  • Corporate Protective Security
  • Work Place Violence Mitigation
  • Ranch Protection

Every client has different needs and a different situation.  Please email adam@tacticmt.com to learn more.

TACTIC provides training in awareness (threat patterns, access control, pre-incident indicators), mindset, verbal tactics, fortifying your physical site, defensive tactics for handling a person of interest. TACTIC can perform firearm qualifications for security agents.

TACTIC specializes in empowering security seminars and presentations that we take on the road.  You will learn the four A’s of prevention: awareness, access, alert, and action.  We have conducted many seminars on topics of active shooter, verbal tactics, and becoming a hard target.  Cost $3,500 a day plus travel costs.