Do you only offer firearm courses?

No!  Our goal at TACTIC is to make you feel safe. Accordingly, we teach courses on Avoiding Violence and Victimization, Workplace Violence, using verbal skills and psychology to de-escalate conflict, Unarmed Combatives (fighting), and Security Team Training. 

I’m nervous. I’ve never used a firearm before…   

No problem.  Some students wish to begin with a private lesson where distractions are minimized.  Others enjoy a group learning environment and want to join a regular class. “Our team of instructors are trained to work with beginners.  Our small class size allows everyone to feel safe, comfortable and receive the specialized attention necessary for success.”

I don’t have a firearm.  Do you rent them?  

Yes.  TACTIC has many firearms to rent for $30/day.  We highly recommend you “try before you buy,” or talk to us before purchasing a gun, to make sure that you end up with a firearm that will fit you and your needs.  If you rent a firearm you are welcome to switch back and forth between models.    

What about ammunition?  

You can purchase ammunition from TACTIC at discounted rates, as well as rent a firearm.  However, most customers choose to bring their own ammunition.  See course description for recommendations on quantities.

How do I reserve a spot? 

To reserve your spot head to the Registration page on our website and follow prompts.  OR, send check to: TACTIC at 6430 Buffaloberry Lane; Bozeman, MT 59718

What happens if I have to cancel? 

We understand that things come up!  TACTIC will work with you to reschedule for another training day.  However, if you notify us less than 7 days of your scheduled class, it is unlikely we can fill that training spot.  We, therefore, require a 50% cancelation fee for anything less than 7 days.

Can I take a class more than once?  

Yes.  We recommend students proceed at their own pace. While repeating group lessons can help fundamentals become instinctive, private coaching can achieve faster results. Rates are $120/hr for those who prefer a customize course. 

I would like to learn to shoot with my friends and family.  Can we have our own course? 

Yes. This is a great option for family reunions, wedding parties, or company team building events. Our instructors allow you to pick the day and time that works best for you. Call or email for package rates. 

Should I bring my own lunch? 

Yes. A brown bag lunch is all you need. We will take a lunch break if needed depending on the length of the class

What should I wear? 

Dress for the weather. Long sleeves, long pants, comfortable hiking boots or shoes are a great option as well. A hat, sunglasses or other eye protection and ear plugs are all important. 

Will you come to us?  

Yes.  TACTIC has travelled to Arizona, Wyoming, Washington, and Saudi Arabia to provide training to groups.  Call for details.

Is there an age limit?  

TACTIC teaches children too.  However, for a public course, we prefer students that are 14 or older.  Call for details.

Do you cancel for weather?  

Usually not.. What would you expect from a company owned by a Navy SEAL?  However, if we call it off, we will reschedule or refund based on the circumstances.

Do you do private security?  

Yes. TACTIC offers executive protection services and physical security as requested.  TACTIC is a licensed and insured provider.  We also coach clients on international travel.

Do you do team building events for Corporations, small businesses or schools?

Yes. Share with us your goals and we will help you reach them. Email for details.

Does TACTIC train Law Enforcement?  

Yes.  TACTICS’ Combat Handgun and Combat Carbine Courses are POST Certified in Montana.