FIRST AID/TRAUMA TRAINING 1 – 8/20 (6pm-9pm at 4 corners)
– ACS Stop-the-Bleed certificate: we’d like everyone to get stop-the-bleed certified!
РSWAT medical mindset 101: tips to mentally prepare and handle emergency situations
– Hands-on tourniquet application: get practice and coaching applying TQs to yourself and others
– Hands-on wound-packing and dressing: pack a gunshot wound in a human-analogue, and apply Israeli or other field dressings
– Range and EDC medical gear: what to carry on your battle-belt and our civilian EDC
– Q&A: last time’s rapid-fire Q&A/AMA was a hit, we’re doing it again as a team
– Team taught for twice the perspective: this class we’ll have both Travis (former SWAT medic) and Chris R (a practicing Paramedic)
– Bonus for staying late: brief intro to ersatz and improvised equipment options


Aug 20 2021


6:00 am - 9:00 pm


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