FIRST AID/TRAUMA TRAINING 2 – 8/27 (6pm-9pm at 4-corners)
Goals: equip students with introductory knowledge and hands-on experiences using forging to help them enhance the survivability of themselves and those within their protection sphere against select life threats.
Example use-cases: civilian response to active shooter, range AD, big game hunting with a partner
This class leverages skills learned in Trauma 1, expands them and uses ‘forging’ pressure and scenarios to help students apply life-saving skills when seconds count.
– Trauma scene and victim assessment
– ‘Forging’ of critical skills like tourniquets, wound packing, trauma dressings, and basic airway maneuvers. Chest seals and burn victim considerations are also covered
– Field treatment of breaks, sprains and dislocations
– Shock treatment fundamentals
– Basics of evacuating patients from the field, as well as ongoing assessment considerations


Aug 27 2021


6:00 am - 9:00 pm


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