Close Quarters Combat 2

A new addition to our classes, our Intro to CQC focuses on home defense, using force-on-force training in our shoot house. Learn how to make your home a hard target, and to how to deal with threats to your home and safety! After graduating CQC1, take our level CQC2 class, which focuses on self-defense and active shooter situations, in and around structures. Handgun I is not a prerequisite for this course, although it will help to have taken it before. There is a 4 student minimum for this class. If less than 4 people sign up, this class will be rescheduled.

Held at our classroom, located at 237 Quail Run Road, Unit A, Four Corners, MT 59718.

Course Duration: 6 Hours

Cost: $250


Oct 18 2020




237 Quail Run Unit A
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