Build Your Own AR Class

Many of our clients are interested in learning how a carbine works.  Additionally, some wish to assemble a carbine for sentimental reasons or cost savings.  Learn how the P.O.U. (philosophy of use) determines which parts you choose.  Learn what components are compatable and why. By the end of this course, you will have built your own fully functioning carbine. This class will be conducted in four 2 hours sessions on four different days:

  • Session 1:  Theory & Ordering Parts
  • Session 2:  AR Assembly
  • Session 3:  Sight-in & Shoot

At the end of the course, we will have an optional fun competition for all students using their new builds. There will also be the opportunity after the course to enroll in a discounted carbine 1 course ($150 instead of $200).

COST:  $400

**Students receive discounts from:  Proof Research, Aero Precision, Falkor, Dracos, Ballistic Advantage, and others!

Course Duration: Over 3 day period
Contact:  Adam at
Prerequisite: None