Avoiding Violence for Men & Women is a self-defense course that is founded on what works. By emphasizing the principal that less is best, Avoiding Violence for Men & Women material is kept simple so it is easy to learn, and more importantly, is easy to retain and use.  This 6-8 hour class is based on the combined experience of Chris Forrest (TACTIC) and Troy Kechely (Mountain Self Defense). It focuses on the MAD concept, Mindset, Awareness and Distance with emphasis on identifying and avoiding a violent conflict. Defensive hand-to-hand techniques are taught as well but kept simple because in the real world, complex doesn’t work.

Participants receive effective and realistic training to recognize and counter predatory behavior and assault from certified instructors whose goal is to empower men & women against violence and the fear of violence.
It is recommended that participants wear casual street clothes with no jewelry.

If you have been a victim of a violent crime, please be aware that this class is hands-on, and can be triggering. Victims who have taken this class have found it helpful and are happy they came, but some of them experienced added difficulty of working through trauma. If you have any concerns, please email or call us.

Cost: $180

Where: Meet at the TACTIC classroom at 237 Quail Run Road in Four Corners, MT 59718