TACTIC exists to empower you.  TACTIC training is about learning a new mindset that comes from being prepared, seeing options, and understanding human worth for the purpose of protecting yourself and others.  At TACTIC, we invest in every student.  Our passion is to empower people in places they feel stuck, whether that goal is to become a better marksmen,  overcome trauma, or develop new skills.  As a teacher and coach, Chris instills confidence.  TACTIC will bring the best out of you.


TACTIC is different because we train under stress, a process called forging.  We provide training to both law enforcement and civilians.  Chris Forrest founded TACTIC in 2009 based on his extensive background as a Navy SEAL and as an overseas contractor for the government. Specifically, Chris deployed three times to Persian Gulf from SEAL Team One, and five times to Afghanistan as a Protective Security Specialist.  Chris empowers his clients to assess situations, work safely and efficiently under stress, and problem solve.  He also provides self-defense instruction in avoiding violence courses, home and workplace security consulting, personal protection, and team building opportunities.


At TACTIC we believe that everyone deserves to feel safe, and no one deserves to live in fear.  While TACTIC will train you better, and faster, than others because of our proven methods, our first goal is to empower you.  These courses focus on building habits that will not degrade under stress. More importantly, students learn critical thinking skills to evaluate and implement safe courses of action in varying situations.  “I learned more from you in one afternoon than I did from my Olympic Biathlon Coach,” said one client.  



“Leave people better than you find them”


As a COMPANY we believe:

* Every individual is created in God’s image and therefore valuable.

* Everyone deserves to feel safe and no one deserves to live in fear.

* Evil exists and there is no such thing as straight talk with a crooked person.


As a TEAM we will: 

* Recognize that people don’t care what we know unless they know that we care.

* Strive to be a positive force in our community treating people with respect and appreciation in order to bring out the best in others.  When the tide rises, all boats are lifted; therefore we will be “tide raisers.”

* Give permission and empower people to resist evil not tolerating those who degrade, bully, or mistreat others.

* Spend time with each other, going the extra mile, and doing what we say we will do in order to build trust within our team. We will aim to “leave no man behind.”

* Focus on gratitude being mindful that we have it good: we have friendship, family, a cool place to live and meaningful work.

* Use the Hi/Low debrief and ask, “What went well?”  “What didn’t go well? & “What will we do differently next time?”



* Demonstrate empathy & humility not putting others down or showing favoritism.

* Take initiative and look for ways to help one another.

* Maintain a positive attitude and work honestly.

* Over communicate with one another so as not to be misunderstood.

* Prepare for our events, show up early, instruct logically, and clean up afterwards.

* Strive for excellence and 100% satisfaction from our clients.

* Own our mistakes and incorporate lessons learned to keep improving.




Chris Forrest | Owner and Founder

email | tacticmt@gmail.com

Classroom Address | 237 Quail Run Road Unit A, Bozeman MT

Range Address | 12600 Camp Creek Road, Manhattan MT