Baret Fawbush, of Truexodus fame, is coming June 20th-23rd. He is an
incredible shooter and teacher.

370k instagram followers

42k YouTube subscribers.

Has been revolutionizing the firearms industry.

-Every class will be 9am to 3pm, payment is required to reserve your spot.

On 20th he will be teaching a Fundamentals of Rifle, $300, 5 hours, 400 rounds; there is a 14 student limit to this class. Primary focus is on rifle setup, zeroing your rifle, manual of arms, and fundamental shooting techniques. Unlike most classes, my Fundamental rifle class incorporates learning what malfunctions can occur to keep the rifle from operating, and knowing how to identify and problem solve.

On 21st he will be teaching a Fundamentals of CCW, $300, 6 hours, 400 rounds; there is a 14 student limit to this class.

CCW Fundamental is not a class focused on getting your CCW Permit. This is not a class focused on deadly force law. This class is designed to teach the student how to apply the fundamentals of pistol shooting in such a way that the student can 1) communicate the fundamentals effectively 2) apply them, executing speed, accuracy, and consistency 3) begin to self diagnosis their own flaws.

The fundamentals are the foundation of our pistol shooting. And without a solid foundation, trying to build speed an accuracy apart from this foundation will only yield inconsistent results. After the student spends time watching themselves grow, we then practice and communicate the fundamentals of drawing our weapon from concealment with two hands and then with one hand.

The goal is simple: Give the student the tools they need to practice perfectly from concealment. Allow them to confidence to build upon what they know works and watch their shooting flourish and develop as they continue to take from other instructors.

On the 22nd and 23rd he is teaching a two day course, 2 Day Close Retention Fundamental, $450, 11 hours, 800 rounds;  this has a 14 student limit and students must sign up for both days, there is not an option to sign up for one day. Close retention, also called contact shooting, stems from the idea of having to retain your pistol from the potential of a lethal force threat engaging the shooter in arms length. This class is all about the process of drawing and indexing our pistol safely and “point shooting” from the hip and high pectoral. The goal is to guide the student through the process to practice this safely, teaching techniques and tips to solve potential problems of attacker induced malfunctions and other areas of proficiencies.One the first day, we revisit the fundamentals of pistol shooting, the fundamentals of the two hand and one hand draw and then, through focus, dry fire, and repetition, we focus on close retention shooting. On the second day, after we fill comfortable with the process from day one, we being to trust the process with movement, multiple targets, and performance reporting (meaning we analyze the shooters trigger finger and muzzle coming out of the holster via slow motion video). Once we feel comfortable, we begin more dynamic exercises that involve defensive shooting techniques (putting a lot of bullets quickly and accurately into the target while moving).

Email for details on registering.